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#nowplaying Era Classics. These songs are really soothing and makes me feel better. i truly love all Era albums since a little child.


Stabbing Westward - I remember

I remember the first time i heard this song. It was on an FMV for Final Fantasy X with Tidus and Yuna "story".
Since then i fell in love with this song. Really meaningfull and true.
And still beautiful in it's own way.

If you don't know it, please listen :) and tell me what you think! :)

Earth and sky - Junseung drabble

A little something i wrote this morning at work! Unbeta-ed.

Fandom : Beast
Pairing : Junseung (Junhyung / Hyunseung)
Rating : PG 13
Genre : Romance,

Earth and Sky, that’s how Hyunseung would define Junhyung and him if he was asked to.
Junhyung, always focused, serious, ambitious, really down to earth
Him being his usual self, 4D, dreamer, lost in his own world, reaching for the stars.
But what’s more important in this comparison is that a sky can’t be complete if there’s not earth. Just as Hyunseung can’t be someone without Junhyung in his life.

As cheesy as it may sound to everyone, this is truly how Hyunseung feels. He knows that one day for sure, because they’ll grow up and will need something else, the Beast adventure will be over. He knows that the friendship he won with all his fellow members will stay after that. But he knows too that he does not want his story with Junhyung to stop, no never. Because he knows that his life without Junhyung in it will only bring him sadness and emptiness.

He knows also that Junhyung has the same feelings. Their love is reciprocal and is as important for one that it is for the other. Whatever difficulties will be send on their way, they’ll always work together to push it aside. Right now, there’s nothing that can separate them.

Of course everyone knows that when a couple grow up together, fights may come, people may get in a rut, temptation may come on the way too. Whoever says he’ll never be tempted one day in the future is a liar. But of course there are people that can’t resist it and becomes unfaithful and then there are people that as soon as first signs approaches will think again. Think about what they have to lose if they yield at the temptation. These people will try their best to make everything good again; will work their best to make the other fall for them all over again.

These last kind of people are exactly who Hyunseung and Junhyung are. They both want to keep their relationship the way it is as long as it will be possible to. And they are willing to fight whatever will come in between them with all their strength.

Hyunseung knows that even if one day Junhyung, supposedly, come to him and say he met someone and he wants to break up; he knows he won’t give up on their relationship just because Junhyung will decide too. He’ll fight to keep him. And even if Junhyung really wants to break up, he’ll fight even more to get him back. Because there’s no way he’ll live without him, he won’t even want to try to learn living without him. It will be with him or with him. No other choice. He just does not want to imagine it, not at all.

To be honest, at the moment he’s more than confident in his relationship with Junhyung. But you never know what life, destiny can bring you. So sometimes he thinks about it, for just a little amount of time, because usually Junhyung comes to him when he sees that he’s lost in his own world again. Like now for example. He sees a hand waving in front of his eyes.
“Earth Junhyung to flying Hyunseung!”
“Hyunnie” says Junhyung as he sits next to him on the bed and takes his hand in his. “What where you daydreaming about again?”
“You” answers Hyunseung smiling and looking at Junhyung in the eyes.
“Were you again thinking about me leaving you?”
“How do you know? Every time I feel like you can read minds.” Adds Hyunseung as he puts his head on Junhyung’s chest.
“Not all of them, Seung, just yours. Besides you perfectly know it’s not going to happen anytime soon.”
“No buts! Now just close your eyes and stop thinking about stupid things, just make a hot dream of me instead!” he adds smirking as he caresses Hyunseung’s hair.

Hyunseung puts his hands around Junhyung waist and let the soothing feeling of Junhyung’s hand in his hair calm him down. He closes his eyes and soon sleep takes him over.

Fandom : Beast
Pairing : Junseung (Junhyung / Hyunseung)
Rating : PG 13
Genre : Romance, Fluff,
Words : 6076 words.
Beta-ed by my BFF in real life and on Internet aelikwang
(feel free to inform me if any mistake or grammar error)

I started this a long time ago. And then happened THE INCIDENT and i was at loss for quite some time.
But I decided to finish this story with the feelings i had when i started it. I don't want to write about THE INCIDENT and THE COUPLE. I want to keep Junseung as i love them and as we all love them. Don't wanna write angst right now. On the contrary i need them like this!
I hope you'll understand and will still like the story ;)
Have a nice read!

Hyunseung is really pissed off right now.Collapse )

Fandom : Beast
Pairing : Junseung (Junhyung / Hyunseung)
Rating : PG 13
Genre : Angst, Romance
Words : 4535 words.
Beta-ed by my BFF in real life and on Internet aelikwang 

Summary : Junhyung's behavior has gotten on Hyunseung's nerves. Will his jealousy be enough for Junhyung to open his eyes?

Hyunseung watched as for the hundredth time that night Junhyung was approached by a girl. This one was even more beautiful than the last one. She wore a dress shorter than the one before; if it was even possible.

And for the hundredth time that night, it was all smiles, touches, whispers… He still could not understand how low some women could go to try getting a man.

The minute after, she took Junhyung’s hand and led him to the dance floor. The show had now to begin.

There she was, gluing her body against Junhyung, rolling her hips, taking Junhyung’s hands and putting them on her hips. She turned around, back against chest and danced sexily; her hands on top of Junhyung’s. Hands that were now slipping from her hips to her stomach.

Hyunseung could see that Junhyung was enjoying it. He could not hear what Junhyung was whispering to her ear but he had an idea about it.

That was the reason why Hyunseung would not want to go clubbing with the guys. He had enough seeing the girls run to Junhyung as soon as he entered the club. He had enough of seeing Junhyung dancing with them. Most of all he was tired of witnessing this. Of course he knew that Junhyung was really popular with girls. It was a secret for no one.


But one thing that was a secret for practically everyone, except for Beast members, was that Junhyung was gay. Yes that’s right he did not like women but men. But it was clear he was not ready to assume this situation. Not in front of people at least.

Each time there were people around, he played with women just as any “normal” man would do, for the crowd, for the cameras. It was certainly also to save his reputation in front of his fans. Sure fans would be pissed off to know he had girlfriend(s) but he was afraid they’ll be more if he told the truth about his sexuality. So he decided to play with his “Doctor es Love” title and basically flirt with all the women that came his way. He played along, and he did it very well. Someone who did not know the truth could not tell Junhyung was gay.


That was exactly what pissed Hyunseung's off. Junhyung was having too much fun, playing that role. He was afraid the other would not be able to know when he was playing and when he wasn't. What would happen if the game turned into something more serious? What would happen if one day Junhyung took one of those girls home and basically slept with her? What if he decided that finally women were more his style?


It's not like they were together as a couple after all because they are not. All their fans would say that have a BROMANCE relationship, that they’re like brothers or best friends.

But it’s not that simple for Hyunseung. He is in love with Junhyung. And it hurts him because it’s like Junhyung can’t see the love Hyunseung has for him. And Hyunseung isn’t ready to confess, because he thinks, more he knows, that the other will reject him.


So until now he managed to keep it as a secret; Except for one person: Doojoon. The same Doojoon whose stare is going from Junhyung on the dance floor to Hyunseung next to him at the table. The same Doojoon that looks at him slightly worried. Doojoon can read through Hyunseung’s mind and it works in the other way too. After all they’re the two eldest and best friends.


“Hyunnie are you okay? May be we should go there and dance too. It will help you change your mind. Besides you should not look at him. You perfectly know that it will hurt you to see it.”

“Yeah I’m fine. And should I remind you that I did not want to come when you all proposed a night in a club. But you all dragged me here.”

Seeing the frown on Doojoon’s face, Hyunseung felt bad.

“Sorry Doojoon. It’s not your fault. I should have stuck to my guns and stay at home.”


Just as he finished speaking, an excited and jumpy Yoseob arrived at the table. He took one sip in his glass and shouted:

“You guys should come and dance with us, we’re having fun.”

“No thanks” answered Hyunseung. “But I’m sure Doojoon would love it” he added with a wink that only Doojoon could see.

Hyunseung knew that Doojoon loved Yoseob. He still did not understand how these two weren’t a couple already as he felt the love was reciprocal.

Doojoon looked at him whispering “Are you sure?” He nodded.

“Oh yeah great idea Seungie!” said Yoseob kissing him on the cheek. “Doojoonie come dance with me.”


Doojoon had no choice but to follow as Yoseob took his hand and led him on the dance floor where Kikwang and Dongwoon were already.

From his place he could see that Kikwang and Dongwoon were kissing and practically making out. These two sure weren’t frightened in telling the whole world they were gay and in love, and that was amazing. They were the first to confess they were gay in the group and one day they announced that they fell in love somewhere along the road of friendship. Hyunseung could not help but smile as he watched them.


Switching his attention to Doojoon, he saw that the later was looking at him as though he wanted to check if he was fine by himself. Hyunseung gave him a thumb up to let him know he could enjoy his moment with Yoseob and stop worrying. He checked his watch. If he leaves now, he can wake up early tomorrow and go practice while the others will still be sleeping. Besides he has seen enough tonight.

As he stands up to leave, Junhyung arrives at the table with the girl still glued to him.


“Seungie, how come you’re not dancing with everyone?”

“Well don’t want to I guess. Actually I was leaving. I’m tired just want to go home.  But it’s good you came. Could you please tell the guys I left if they ask you? Thanks.”

Junhyung looked at Hyunseung for an instant while he was checking if he did not forget something on the table or on the couch.

“Wow that sure was a long sentence! How did you manage to say it without taking a single breath?”

“What?” asked Hyunseung dumbfounded, avoiding Junhyung’s stare. But honestly what he wanted to avoid was that girl still behind Junhyung.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. I just told you I’m tired that’s all. Okay I’m going. See you tomorrow”.

“Are you sure you want to go home by yourself? Do you want me to go back with you?” He asked while walking towards Hyunseung “Just say yes please I don’t know how to get rid of that glue pot.” He whispered.

“Why should I say yes? It’s your problem. You should not have played with her to begin with! Besides I’m not a child, I can go home by myself, I’m older than you!”

He saw the look on Junhyung’s face and that meant only one thing: he would not listen to him at all and will just act as he wanted.

“I’ll drive you home Seung!” shouted Junhyung so that the girl could hear. He then turned back and walked towards the girl. “I’m sorry I really need to go. It was fun dancing with you. Bye.”

Without letting her the time to add or ask anything he took Hyunseung‘s wrist and nearly run over toward the exit. Hyunseung had no choice but to follow him because of the pressure of Junhyung’s hand on his.


Once he passed the exit door he released his hand from Junhyung’s grip and started shouting:

“What the hell is wrong with you?” as he massages his hand.

Junhyung was slightly taken aback by Hyunseung’s outburst.

“Nothing. Fortunately you wanted to leave at the moment I needed an excuse to free me form that girl. You were my saviour tonight. Thanks.” He answered with a smile hoping to calm the other one a little.

Hyunseung looked at him dumbly. So that was all he was for Junhyung, someone that allowed him to throw away the girls once he was done playing with them? It hurt badly. And the fact that Junhyung smiled at him just made him even angrier. Does Junhyung thinks it’s that easy to be forgiven when you hurt someone, even unconsciously, or something? He breathed in and out and managed to internalize his anger.

“Yeah whatever.” He walked past Junhyung.

“Where are you going?”


“Wait…” tried to say Junhyung as Hyunseung was already walking away.

Hyunseung heard quick steps behind him, he wanted to run away and let Junhyung here, but he knew that attitude was childish, so he just kept walking at the same rhythm.

“Seungie my car is on the other side. Come on.” He said grabbing Hyunseung’s wrist.

Hyunseung pushed away Junhyung’s hand. The later was still a little shocked because it was the second time in less than an hour that night that Hyunseung was rejecting him.

“Get lost Junhyung! I want to walk home by myself. Go where you want and leave me alone.”

“Why are you so aggressive all of a sudden?”

“I’ll tell you for the last time, I want to be alone, I am tired so just leave” he adds with a whisper “Please!”

For the third time that night Junhyung was taken aback because of Hyunseung’s behaviour. He was worried about why Hyunseung was acting like that. But at the same time, after hearing Hyunseung begging him, he decided to do as he was told.

“Okay I’ll let you go home alone Hyunnie, but I’ll wait for you there. Don’t take too long, okay? Be careful.” he asked while hugging his friend. But he could feel how tense the other was in his arms. This was really unusual too. This night was full of surprise and he wasn’t sure he liked it.


As Junhyung was turning back towards his car, Hyunseung turned back too and walked away. Putting some distance from the club, from Junhyung, at least for tonight. He wasn’t stupid, he knew he could not avoid the later for long, they were in the same group and leaved together practically 24 hours a day. But he wanted, well it’s more he needed, to let that night behind him. Tomorrow would be another day and he wanted to be his usual self, otherwise his friends would ask what the problem was. Being alone for a moment was often his solution to help trying to feel better, to lessen the pressure, since the day he realised the feelings he had for the rapper were not just friendship or brother ship.


As Hyunseung was walking being lost in his own world one more time, Junhyung was following him with his car. Of course he knew Hyunseung would not notice him, once he was in his 4D world it was really difficult to make him come back on Earth. And he was the only one who could succeed in bringing him back to the present moment, by a slight touch or simply by whispering his name. It was one of the reasons why when they had an interview or a special event, the rest of Beast asked him to be next to Hyunseung. Besides, it’s not like it could annoy him to be next to Hyunseung.

He was wondering how Hyunseung managed to walk without falling or missing a raise or a descent of the sidewalk, when he noticed a slight change in Hyunseung way of walking as the other one just suddenly woke up from his dream and realised he was outside in the middle of the night. Hyunseung started to walk faster. At that time Junhyung’s phone rang and the other one decided to pick it up before he was busted by Hyunseung.

He parked on the side and answered the phone. It was Doojoon asking him if everything was alright as he could not reach Hyunseung’s phone. Junhyung answered that they were on their way home because Hyunseung was tired. So Doojoon told him not to wait for them to comeback and to have a good sleep, that they’ll see each other in the morning. When he hung up, he looked right in front of him and was scared that Hyunseung was not before him anymore. Where could the only one be, he did not stay that long on the phone.


Suddenly, there was a knock on his window. He was so surprised that he nearly jumped. Hyunseung was on the other side telling him to lower the window. He did as he was told.

“Junhyung why are you following me?”

“Ahem. I was not following you. I started driving but my phone rang… it was Doojoon by the way.”


“He just wanted to know why we left that early. I told him you were tired.”

“Yes indeed I am. So why are you following me? Seriously Junhyung?”

“I was worried that something could happen to you. We’re in the middle of the night and we never know, imagine someone attacks you or kidnap you or worse if someone takes you and rapes you or…” He did not even have time to finish his sentence as Hyunseung cut him.

“Stop! I don’t want to hear those kind of things. Junhyung you’re even more paranoid than me. Do you realise it?”

Junhyung did not know what to answer to that. By the time he figured something out, Hyunseung was on the other side of the car, opening the door.


“Aish.. You followed me, you’ve scared me with your raping stories, so I don’t want to walk home alone anymore. Consequently you’re bringing me back.”

Junhyung stayed there for a moment only looking at Hyunseung.

“Just like that you changed your mind? You seemed pissed off a little moment ago.”

“If you don’t want to …” said Hyunseung pretending to take the handle of the door.

“No no no.” answered Junhyung grabbing Hyunseung’s wrist “There’s no way I’m letting you go… I mean not alone… at this hour…” He took his hand off Hyunseung and put his hands on the wheel and the gearbox. “Okay…Let’s go. Could you please fasten your belt?”

“Yes. If I fall asleep just wake me up before we arrive okay?”

“Sure.” Answered Junhyung. But he knew he would not do it. He would take some time to look at Hyunseung as he would be asleep. And when it will be enough for the night, he would wake him up making him believe that they just arrived home. He really hoped the other one would fall asleep actually. Looking at the other while he was asleep was on of his favourite thing to do. He was glad with the new bed organisation because he slept next to Hyunseung. He could watch the other without being busted by anyone.

They drove for twenty minutes in perfect silence.

“Hyunnie if you’re tired you can sleep I’ll wake you up.”

For a moment Hyunseung could not speak, hearing the other calling him by this surname. He nearly forgot for an instant that there was nothing between them. He had to admit that being here in the passenger place with Junhyung driving and taking care of him, he had the image of a perfect couple in mind suddenly. Reality hit him hard.

“Why should I fall asleep when there’s less than 5 minutes before we arrive at home?” That sounded a little angry and he did not mean to. He regretted being so when he saw Junhyung’s face. “I’m sorry Junhyung. I am really tired but we’ll arrive soon so I don’t need to sleep now, okay?” he added placing his hand on Junhyung’s one. He was taken aback as the other lifted his hand from the gearbox and squeezed his own one.

“It’s okay Hyunnie, I know you’re tired and stressed these days because of our schedules and everything else. I won’t blame you don’t worry, nae?”

“Thanks” said Hyunseung freeing his hand from Junhyung’s hold and looking by the window as the city was unfolding before his eyes. Like a child he was always amazed by all the lights of Seoul and it was enough to make him smile and forget about that night.


As Hyunseung had planned it five minutes later they arrived in the back parking of their dorm. While Junhyung put the car to a stop, Hyunseung opened his door and stepped off the car. He walked towards the elevator and pushed the button. Right after he heard the alarm of the car informing it’s been closed as well as Junhyung’s footsteps. He was pushing the elevator’s button again when he felt Junhyung’s head on his shoulder and his arms around his waist. He was surprised by the action and his breath stopped for an instant. He decided it was better to speak not to let Junhyung notice how flustered he was. He tried to speak with a calm voice.

“Damn it this elevator is always so slow to arrive… What should we do? May be we should take the stairs and not wait for it. Yeah I think it's better that way. What do you think Jun?”


“Jun? Junhyung?” said Hyunseung trying to turn around to see the other but he could not because of Junhyung’s pressure on his shoulder. “Oh shit! Yong Junhyung you so did not just fall asleep on my shoulder? So annoying!” Surprise surprise at that time the elevator rang and the door opened. Hyunseung was so frustrated that he wanted to scream his lungs out. This elevator should have been his single obstacle to his bed, if only Junhyung had not fallen asleep like a rock. He still could not believe how fast the other fell asleep when less than an hour ago he was dancing with that B… girl.

“Junhyung wake up, the elevator’s here.”

Still no answer from the other.

“Junhyung on the count of three, I swear, if you don’t wake up, I’m going to let you fall!”


“Okay One…” he took Junhyung’s hand off his waist.

“Two…” he prepared mentally to walk as fast as possible.

“Three…” he went ahead but suddenly turned around to make sure Junhyung would not fall on his face. He was too handsome for that.

Biggest mistake ever! Because the minute he turned around he lost his balance and with Junhyung’s weight on him, he fell on his back with Junhyung’s lips on his own.

He could feel his cheeks burning at the contact. He felt embarrassed but also, he was not sure he could find the right word to describe the other feeling, but he was sure as hell that the butterflies in his stomach were not flying but dancing around, it was a crowded club in there. To hide his embarrassment he decided it was best to push Junhyung. He tried lifting him but Junhyung was a little heavy. As a consequence his lips touched his own one more time. He thought for an instant and chose the only solution that popped in his mind.

“Yah Junhyung wake up!” he screamed as loud as possible as he lifted Junhyung’s face.

The other instantly woke up and looked at Hyunseung. Hyunseung smiled inwardly on how dumb Junhyung was looking at that exact moment.

“What are you doing on the floor?”

“Guess what you dumb, you fell asleep on my shoulder. I wanted to leave and let you here but I did not want you to fall so I tried to catch you; but then you fell on me. And you were too heavy for me to push you away.” As he said this he remembered when Junhyung’s lips touched his a few minutes ago. “So now that Handsome Joker is awoken, he will nicely stand up and let me go to sleep. Okay? Thanks.”

“Why are you blushing?” asked Junhyung with a smirk.

Hyunseung thought he wanted to disappear in the ground. He searched for an excuse and went for the first one.

“I’m not blushing Junhyung, I can’t breathe because all your weight is on me since long minutes now! So move.” He tried pushing the other, but Junhyung apparently did not want to cooperate.

“Junhyung move!”

As the other one still did not stand up, he let out a frustrated sigh.

“Why are you so uncomfortable with me on you Hyunnie? I thought you’d like it! After all you just said that I’m handsome…”

Hyunseung could not have heard what he thought he has. Or may be he misunderstood. Yes that was surely that. He could not stand this situation any more. He could not face the other right now because he was sure he was as red as a tomato. What did he meant by “You’d liked it” by the way? That guy was sure confident! He pushed Junhyung with all his strength, stood up and entered the elevator. He pushed the button to close the door as soon as he entered. He could see the other was still on the ground and looking straight at him; a smirk on his face. The door finally closed and Hyunseung leaned on the wall. Junhyung was no longer in front of him. He closed his eyes; images from that night running in his mind: when Junhyung held his wrist in the club, when he hugged him, when they were together in the car, when Junhyung squeezed his hand, when Junhyung’s lips touched his. How many times did he dream of Junhyung actually kissing him? How many times he wished the other would hug him from behind and tell him that he loved him? He knew leaving in a dream was not the best to do. But sometimes it felt like this dream world was the thing he truly needed to allow him to go forward in his life.

The ring of the elevator woke him up from his thoughts once more. As the door opened, he saw Junhyung leaning on the wall, his arms crossed on his chest looking at him.

“What are you doing standing in the middle of the corridor Junhyung?” he asked as he got out of the elevator. Speaking was his way of not showing his nervousness.

“I was waiting for you, of course. Why would I be here otherwise?”

“I don’t know. You know I managed to arrive here safely whereas you were the one driving; I think I can easily find the door and my bed without your help. Thanks anyway for the ride.”

“Do you think you’ll find the way to MY bed easily too?” was what Junhyung answered.

Hyunseung froze. He turned around and decided to play the dumb.

“You said something?”

“Hyunseung that won’t work with me you know. You perfectly heard what I asked right?” Junhyung said locking his eyes with Hyunseung and walking towards him.

Hyunseung tried to move but he could not, it was like his foots were glued to the ground. And the way Junhyung was looking at him did not do anything to help him either.

“You’ve been acting quite weirdly tonight Seung. Not only tonight but it seems you act the same way each time we’re out.” He took Hyunseung’s hand in his. “It took me some time to try to analyse why you would be like that but I think I finally understand why. It seems you’re like that only when there are girls around us… or should I say around me?”

Hyunseung could feel every colour leave his face. He was sure that he was more than pale by now. Junhyung saw the change in Hyunseung’s expression; he thought that may be what he wanted to say was misinterpreted by Hyunseung.

“This is not a reproach Seung.” He said as his hands cupped the other’s face. “I have the feeling you don’t understand what I want to say. But may be it’s because I suck at saying what I want… Look what I mean is do you love me by any chance? But not the kind of love you have for the other members, I mean love like Kikwang loves Dongwoon or like Doojoon loves Yoseob. Are you jealous of the girls approaching me because you’re in love with me? Is it the reason why you always leave first when we go out?”

Hyunseung was listening to Junhyung’s ranting and asked himself if the other was kind of confessing that the love he felt was reciprocal. Still it was not really clear for him if Junhyung loved him the same way.

“What are you saying exactly Jun? I don’t get it.”

“You’ve always been so clever Seung you know that? I am the one asking you something but instead of answering you ask me a question.” said Junhyung smiling. “I am certain of a thing right now. You’re in love with me but you did not want to say it all this time. I guess I’m at fault too for acting the way I did, not only with those girls but with you too. I should have paid more attention to your feelings. If I did, then maybe you would not have been afraid to confess to me and we would not have lost special times together. Because the fact is, I’m sure I love you since how long you do, but I think I was not prepared to show it. But you knew it right?”

Hyunseung simply nodded.

“You know me so well.” He said caressing Hyunseung’s cheek with his thumb. “I’m sorry it took me too long to wake up and face my feelings for you Seung. I hope you’ll forgive me for the time wasted.”

Hyunseung put one of his hands above Junhyung’s one on his cheek.

“There’s no waste of time Junnie only time to catch up with.” He said as he looked in Junhyung’s eyes. “And no more girls-grinding sessions when in club!” he added with a not so threatening tone. “Or else…” He did not get the time to finish his sentence as Junhyung leaned and kissed him. The butterflies that Hyunseung thought were asleep came back fast, and the Butterfly Club in his stomach was really crowded. He felt his legs becoming numb by the simple touch of Junhyung’s lips on his own. Unconsciously he put his arms around Junhyung for support.

By the time they broke the kiss because they needed air, Junhyung was grinning like a handsome idiot in Hyunseung’s opinion.

Hyunseung smiled. “Let’s go to bed now.” He walked towards their apartment, Junhyung’s hand holding his own.

As he unlocked and opened the door, Junhyung slapped his ass.

“Let’s see how good you are in horizontal grinding sessions Seungie!”

Hyunseung turned back.

“I promise you once you’ll make one with me you won’t need to grind with anyone else Junnie.”

Junhyung closed the door and followed the other in the bedroom.


Finally my two last drabble in the Incident happens serie. I hope you'll like them. Sorry if not...

For those who could have missed the prologue :

Hyunseung knew it would happen one day. He perfectly knew that the Soom choreo would be embarrassing if one particular thing happened between him and Kikwang.
And that day has come apparently.

They were all concentrated in their dance. It was Kikwang’s turn to sing. So as usual he came in the middle and started singing. Hyunseung put his hand on Kikwang’s leg as it is planned. But suddenly his hand slips and land on Kikwang’s crotch. Yes right in the middle of a live performance, he touched Kikwang. He is so embarrassed that of course he just takes off his hand as fast as he can, as if he just burnt his hand. He prays that the cameras around here are not focused on him or Kikwang. Because he knows it will finish on Internet. There’s no way the fans won’t talk about this if they noticed.
He tries to focus again on the performance. After all they still have one song to perform after Soom. Show must go on as they say.
He hopes the situation won’t go any further. It’s not like he did it on purpose in the first place. But deep inside, he perfectly knows that his boyfriend won’t think like that.

Junseung + Kiseung


Hyunseung could have sworn he heard Yoseob chuckled when he realized he touched Kikwang THERE by mistake. He had his cheeks on fire and was really bothered by the situation. But hearing his boyfriend laughing about it instead of being angry as he thought he’d be, really allowed the weight on his chest to disappear. Of course Yoseob has never been the angry, jealous type of boyfriend. This guy was the cutest and happiest he ever knew. Always smiling and laughing. Always helping you to feel better whenever you’re tired or down mentally. But Yoseob is still possessive over the people and things he loves. He may look as someone confident but he’s not. When he loves, he’s always scared to lose those people.

Sometimes when fan service is requested and that Hyunseung is put with anyone in the group except Yoseob, Hyunseung sees the pout forming on the other’s face. Whenever that pout appears Hyunseung always reach for his lover’s hand and hugs him, or just squeezes his hand according to who is in the room with them. A simple and honest gesture like that is enough to reassure the other. The pout disappear in an instant and he returns to his usual self.

Hyunseung is still thinking about his boy friend while walking towards the dressing room so he does not notice Yoseob following him. It’s only when he arrives in the dressing room and that Yoseob hugs him from behind that he wakes up from his day dream.

“Oh Seobie!” He says as he puts his hands on the other’s one.

“You were great today again. You know that, right?”

“I made a mistake in the choreo and it resulted in a real gag if it has been filmed. I’m going to be all over the internet by tonight…” At that moment, Hyunseung is great that the later is behind him so that he cannot see that his cheeks are as red as tomatoes.

“Hyunnie, come on. When are you going to go easier on you or your performances? You perfectly know everyone make mistakes. You’re only human. Besides this one’s really funny. I mean you touched Kikwang THERE:”

Saying that Yoseob turns Hyunseung around and can’t miss how the other one blushes.

“Ahem… I would love that we don’t talk about this again, please. I’m already feeling bad right now. I don’t even want to imagine when Kikwang will come, he’ll be pissed or something. Or he won’t be but Woonie’s going to kill me. He’ll think I did it on purpose and …”

He cannot finish his sentence as Yoseob kiss him on the lips. After a few moments…

“That means you’re not angry right?” he asks uncertain.

“Of course I’m not; Why would I be, you babo! It was really funny, but it was not more than that time you dropped Junhyung mic and you did not even notice it. This time you had to notice! Hyunnie your clumsiness and awkwardness you should keep them intact, they really are some of the things why I love you so much!”

“Yah” answers Hyunseung as he steps back “I’m not awkward, only 4D”

“That’s the same Hyunnie.”

“Yeah whatever... You just said you love me right?”

“Are you having some hearing problems suddenly or what?” asks Yoseob with a smile. “Want me to repeat to be sure?”

Hyunseung nods smiling at his turn.

“Jang Hyunseung I love you”

“Love you too my Seobie”

This time it’s Hyunseung’s turn to initiate the kiss.



DongSeung / Hyunwoon

Hyunseung felt it. He felt the way Dongwoon’s body was nearly pressed to his during his singing part after the incident. His arms were closer to his face than usual. And he felt Dongwoon’s breath way too close to his neck. It disturbed him for an instant while he was singing. But at that time he tried not to think too much about it as they had another song to sing after. Knowing his boyfriend he knew what was waiting for him once they’ll leave the stage. That Dongwoon could be a total devil when he wanted to. As Hyunseung washed away the sweat from his face, Dongwoon came from behind and kissed him on the neck. Hyunseung was startled at the contact but leaned against Dongwoon’s chest. Dongwoon turned Hyunseung so that the later could face him and kissed him on the lips. As Hyunseung still has his eyes closed, Dongwoon said:

“Hyung you should have told me!”

Hyunseung slowly opened his eyes and looked at Dongwoon like he did not understand what the other was saying.


“Yes you should have told me that you liked Kikwang THAT way. Maybe we should have a conversation all three. I’m sure they’re plenty of activities we could do together. Maybe you want us to have fun with Kikwang also? That would not be a stupid idea; Kikwang has a hot body…”

Hyunseung kept blushing harder and harder at each sentence Dongwoon said.

“You… What… I…” he stuttered. He took a deep breath and started talking again. “What are you saying? I don’t understand anything. You’re telling me you want to try something with Kikwang and me? Are you totally insane? Do you really think I’m going to have sex with the both of you? Seriously?”

“Hyung you’re cute when you’re angry you know that? Answered Dongwoon with a grin. “And come on don’t be shy, I mean, you’re the one who touched him THERE first, so drop the act will you? Maybe you are unconsciously attracted to him or maybe I’m not enough for you…”

“Yah Son Dongwoon! Be careful on how you’re talking to me, I’m older than you. Besides it was an accident. Why would I even touch Kikwang’s crotch? Why would I be attracted to him? Sure he is hot; he has a nice body; he is an amazing dancer…”

“Yeah OK I got it Hyunnie”

“And yes I think he should be skilled in a bed or just to kiss, when you hear how Seobie reacts when Kikwang kisses him, it should be something…”

“ Jang Hyunseung, stop it now!” Dongwoon’s smile dropped an instant and a threatening glance appeared at his place while he pushed back Hyunseung against the wall.

“What? Woonie should I remind you that YOU were the one who started this conversation? Come on think for a minute, why would I be interested in someone else, when I have a cute, handsome and sexy young boyfriend like you? Hum? Besides it’s not like I’m in lack of sex or anything... Aish! Certainly not with a horny and perverted boyfriend like you…” he added smiling a little bit.

At this Dongwoon smiled again and kissed the older on the lips one more time. As Hyunseung deepened the kiss and started to moan as he felt Dongwoon’s hand on his back, the latter broke the kiss and said:

“Well who’s the horny boyfriend now?” at that he took a few steps back and ran away. He laughed out loud while shouting “I love you too Jang Hyunseung”.

“Yah Son Dongwoon come here and finish what you started! Dongwoon-ah!!!” shouted Hyunseung as he ran after Dongwoon.

He past in front of Kikwang and Yoseob without noticing them.

“What are they doing running like that in the studio?” asked Yoseob.

“I don’t know Woonie has certainly teased Hyunseung too much again and you know Hyunnie hates it when he does it.” answered Kikwang with a smile.

“Kwangie, I think it’s not that… I think it’s because Hyunseung touched you during the perf. I’m not even jealous because who could resist to touch a hot body like yours?”

“Certainly not you!” answers Kikwang with a grin.

The minute after the two lock themselves in the dressing room while Hyunseung is still trying to catch Dongwoon as Doojoon and Junhyung watched them amused.


Incident happens... Drabbles - Part 2

So this is a second part of my Incident happens drabbles serie.
This is Dooseung.
First try at writing this pairing also.
Sorry if this is short. Hope you like it still!!!
Thank u.

For those who could have missed the prologue :

Hyunseung knew it would happen one day. He perfectly knew that the Soom choreo would be embarrassing if one particular thing happened between him and Kikwang.
And that day has come apparently.

They were all concentrated in their dance. It was Kikwang’s turn to sing. So as usual he came in the middle and started singing. Hyunseung put his hand on Kikwang’s leg as it is planned. But suddenly his hand slips and land on Kikwang’s crotch. Yes right in the middle of a live performance, he touched Kikwang. He is so embarrassed that of course he just takes off his hand as fast as he can, as if he just burnt his hand. He prays that the cameras around here are not focused on him or Kikwang. Because he knows it will finish on Internet. There’s no way the fans won’t talk about this if they noticed.
He tries to focus again on the performance. After all they still have one song to perform after Soom. Show must go on as they say.
He hopes the situation won’t go any further. It’s not like he did it on purpose in the first place. But deep inside, he perfectly knows that his boyfriend won’t think like that.

Kiseung+Junseung version.


They just arrived home. The return in the van was ahem… How to describe it? Let’s say quite silent. Doojoon was already sat in the van after the show next to Yoseob and Kikwang. So Hyunseung understood the other did that on purpose not to sit next to his boyfriend. Apparently it was his way of telling Hyunseung how angry he was because of what happened on stage.

Now that they’re home, Doojoon still don’t speak to him. He just took off his jacket and his shoes and directly went to the bathroom.

Hyunseung sighs. Doojoon always react the same way whenever something happened and he does not now what to do. He stays silent and locks himself in the bathroom or in his shared bedroom with Hyunseung. How is he supposed to make the other talk to him again?

And who in the hell got that idea for the Soom choreo! He already had to reassure Doojoon when they discovered that Dongwoon would be the one behind him in his singing part, with his arms around him. And it took some time for the other to stop being suspicious. He was always nervous that Dongwoon would touch him more than needed in their live performances. With fan service you never know… but after quite some time it disappeared thanks to Hyunseung constant reassuring. He knows Doojoon is a considered person. So he thinks the best solution is to have an open conversation with his boyfriend. He’s just going to tell the truth after all, it’s not like he’s going to lie or something.

So he takes a deep breath and turns the handle of the bathroom. He’s surprised that it is not even locked from the inside. He comes in and searches for Doojoon. Surprisingly he doesn’t spot him at first. Suddenly the door is closed and he hears the lock being turned. He wants to turn around. But Doojoon has his chest against his back and his arms around his waist so he can’t. As Doojoon put his head in his neck, he can feel his breath tickling on his sensitive skin. He wants to say something, but deep inside, he feels that he must let Doojoon speak first, as he was the one initializing the contact.

“I’m not mad. I know you did not do it on purpose babe. But you know how I am. Tonight the incident is going to be reported everywhere on the internet. And the Kiseung shippers will be in heaven for sure. So you’ll be more popular with Kikwang, and there will be more Kiseung fan service. I know it’s not necessarily what you want. And I’m stupid for being jealous over that fact. But I just can’t help. I’m sorry Hyunnie. It feels like whenever we are promoting it’s never you and me. It’s always you with someone else and me with another member.”

As he hears his boyfriend justifying his actions, Hyunseung can’t help but smile. He tries once again to turn around and succeeds this time. He kisses Doojoon on the lips.

“You know what they say! If you’re jealous even just a little it’s because you really love the person you are with! So your jealousy is a good thing to me Doojoonie. It proves me that you truly love me. Besides you know that you can trust me, just like how I can trust you, unconditionally.”

They seal this silent promise by a gentle kiss.

A kiss that in a minute turns rough and needy as Doojoon lifts Hyunseung in his arms and sits him on the washing machine, the latter’s legs wrapped around his waist.

Incident happens... Drabbles.

I got this idea when we were talking on twitter about how we would react in that part of Soom choreo if Hyunseung's hand touched THAT PART of Kikwang...

So i wrote the drabbles. in 2 couples point if view.
At the moment Kiseung and Junseung are done :)
I plan to write the Dooseung, Hyunseob and HyunWoon soon!
Let me know what you think nae??
PS : It's unbeta-ed, sorry if any mistake, feel free to tell.

Rating : Sex-mention? R.

Hyunseung knew it would happen one day. He perfectly knew that the Soom choreo would be embarrassing if one particular thing happened between him and Kikwang.
And that day has come apparently.

They were all concentrated in their dance. It was Kikwang’s turn to sing. So as usual he came in the middle and started singing. Hyunseung put his hand on Kikwang’s leg as it is planned. But suddenly his hand slips and land on Kikwang’s crotch. Yes right in the middle of a live performance, he touched Kikwang. He is so embarrassed that of course he just takes off his hand as fast as he can, as if he just burnt his hand. He prays that the cameras around here are not focused on him or Kikwang. Because he knows it will finish on Internet. There’s no way the fans won’t talk about this if they noticed.
He tries to focus again on the performance. After all they still have one song to perform after Soom. Show must go on as they say.
He hopes the situation won’t go any further. It’s not like he did it on purpose in the first place. But deep inside, he perfectly knows that his boyfriend won’t think like that.



The show finished a few moments ago, the boys are now in the dressing room. Weirdly it’s only Hyunseung and Kikwang as the others have just left to reach the van.
Hyunseung does not want to look at his boyfriend, he still feels too embarrassed. He’s been kind of avoiding him since the end of the performance. Even during the Beautiful live, he was not like he’s use to be with Kikwang on that song. They are always playful, making fan service. But today Hyunseung could not, not after what happened during Soom.
As Hyunseung stands up to leave the room, Kikwang pushes him against the wall. Hyunseung keeps his look on the floor. He can’t look Kikwang in the eyes.
“Hyunseung stop avoiding me, you babo! It’s okay! It’s not like you never touched me there before!” Hyunseung blushes even more.
“Hyunnie I know you love my body. I can understand you can’t let your hands away from it for too long!” Kikwang adds with a smile, hoping it will break the awkwardness.
“Honestly I did not think you were ready to show it to everyone! I thought you were the one wanting our relationship to be a secret, but hey!”
Kikwang takes Hyunseung’s face in his hands and lift it so that Hyunseung finally looks at him.
“I love you babo, I’m not shocked!” He smiles and kisses Hyunseung fully on the lips.
He takes a step back and shouts while running to the door “You can touch me on stage whenever you want baby! I am so asking manager’s hyungs to perform Soom more often!”
Of course he cannot see that Hyunseung’s face is as red as a tomato, but Hyunseung clearly feels the heat on his cheeks.
All in all it wasn’t that bad. Besides the fact that now his boyfriend thinks he’s just a horny lover that can’t keep his hands for himself. It could have been worse, with Kikwang, you never know…


“You and I. Talk!.”
Hyunseung can clearly see Junhyung mouthing these words to him after the incident. He can feel his boyfriend is not happy. But it’s not his fault…Well he can always try to reassure himself.
Looking at Junhyung’s face, Hyunseung does not want to leave the dressing room. He does not want to go to the van and does not want to go back to the dorm. He already knows his ears are going to suffer. It’s no secret that Junhyung is a jealous boyfriend, mostly against Kikwang; like he’s afraid Kikwang could be some sort of rival to him…
As he has no choice, he follows the boys and walks in the corridor to reach the van.
Less than 5 minutes after he arrives in front of the van. And there Surprise! (Not really if he wants to be honest with himself). Doojoon, Yoseob and Kikwang are at the back of the bus; Dongwoon is in the front next to the manager so the only free seat is in the middle next to … Junhyung. Usually he’d be so happy to seat next to his boyfriend. But right now…
So he decides to let a free seat between Junhyung and him. It’s better to let Junhyung’s jealousy and anger fall again. Or so he thinks.
Then the van starts to move. Dongwoon is busy talking with the manager and Doojoon, Yoseob and Kikwang are listening to their Ipod. Hyunseung watches as the landscape parades before his eyes. Unanticipatedly he feels Junhyung’s hand on his crotch and the other’s hot breath on his left ear.
“What are you doing?” he whispers while trying to take away Junhyung’s hand without looking at him.
“What’s the problem Seung? You’re embarrassed to be touched when there are people? It did not look like it bothered you to touch Kikwang there during the show. Hum?”
If he was not embarrassed, Hyunseung would have thought that the situation was laughable.
“Junhyung, I did not do it on purpose! Why would I touch Kikwang on his crotch in the first place? He’s not even my boyfriend. And why on live when there’s lot of cameras?”
“Yeah yeah you can turn this how you want Seungie, but you did touch Kikwang’s sex in front of people! You did that when you’re too shy to let me kiss you on the lips when there are people around!”
Hearing this Hyunseung’s nervousness just flies away and a smirk appear on his face.
“So you’re not angry that I touched his sex, you’re angry because I don’t let you kiss me in a crowd?! Omo you’re so cute Junnie. Want me to kiss you now in front of all the boys?”
It’s Junhyung’s turn to blush, he has just been busted.
“You don’t want to answer me Junnie? Okay…”
Hyunseung pushes Junhyung on the seat and lie on top of him. He kisses him while he caresses his body. No more jealous and serious Junhyung, only a moaning boyfriend!
“Doojoonie you owe me 10 $. I told you Junhyung won’t stay angry more than 30 minutes at Hyunseung!” says Yoseob while Hi-Fiving Kikwang.
“Shit” says Doojoon giving a 10$ note to Yoseob. And Hyunseung laughs while Junhyung point a special finger to the 3 boys at the back.

By the light of the moon - Todae (drabble)

Fandom : Big Bang
Pairing : ToDae (TOP / Daesung)
Rating : G
Genre : Romance
Words : 945 words.
Beta-ed by my BFF in real life and on Internet aelikwang 

Summary : Daesung waits for Seunghyun to come back from his recording for their new album.

Daesung has always enjoyed being alone on the balcony by the light of the moon. Watching the stars shine in the sky is a thing that really calms him whenever he is stressed.

There’s only one person that has this power on Daesung. It’s Seunghyun. Whenever Seunghyun is next to him, he feels good, relaxed.

But tonight Seunghyun is not home, he’s still at the studio to record songs for their new album. He said he won’t come back until late, meaning around 2am or more.

So Daesung is on the balcony, warming himself in a coat with a blanket on his knees. He can’t sleep. He wants to wait for Seunghyun’s return. He looks at the stars, at the way they shine. And he smiles, naturally. Because the stars in the sky reminds him how important Seunghyun is in his life. He puts his earphone, launches the shuffle on his I-pod in his Chilling Songs repertory and looks back at the sky.

He stays like this for hours without noticing that the time flies quickly. Still lost in his thoughts, he does not hear the door of the balcony sliding. It’s not until he feels someone’s hand around his waist and a head on his shoulder that he realize he’s not alone any more.

He turns around. And the vision of Seunghyun just brings back a smile on his face. He lifts his hand to cup Seunghyun cheek and caress them.

A frown slightly appears on his face.

“What are you doing outside baby? You look so tired.”

“What are YOU doing here alone in the cold night?

“I was waiting for you to come back, just wanted to know how it went!”

“It was cool. We had fun but we really worked hard. And for your information, I did not go to bed directly because I wanted to see you so badly. Besides you weren’t in the bed when I came in the bedroom, so I knew this would be the place where I could find you.”

As Seunghyun finishes his sentence, he leans forward and Daesung feels his lips on his own. Like each time he is kissed by Seunghyun it’s like the whole world disappears. Just as if they were all alone in the world with only the sky and its stars. Being kissed at the light of the moon, still, it always brings a bigger emotion in Daesung’s heart.

His heart beats so fast, he thinks it will explode or come out of his chest in a minute. They kiss until they can't breathe any more.

Daesung turns around once more and put his back against Seunghyun. The latter leans on the bench and tightens his hold on Daesung’s waist. Daesung puts the blanket on both of them to keep them warm as Seunghyun kisses his neck once more.

They stay like that for more than half an hour in a comfortable silence. Why speak when no words are needed to share the love they have for each other?

“We should go to bed now. You need to sleep. Besides we have schedule tomorrow.”

“You’re right. Let’s go.” Seunghyun adds kissing Daesung on the cheek.

Daesung stands up first and give his hands to Seunghyun to help him stand up at his turn.

Their fingers still intertwined, they enter the bedroom.

“I should take a quick shower before sleeping” says Seunghyun while kissing Daesung quickly on the lips. He takes a pant, a shirt and underwear in his closet and goes in the bathroom.

Daesung changes into his sleepwear also and lay in the bed.

He listens to the sound of the water flowing in the bathroom. Immediately his mind goes wild and all he can think about is his boyfriend naked in the shower. He closes his eyes and shakes his head from left to right to try erasing those images from his eyes. But that does not work. So he decides to shift his position and switch off the light from his night table. May be sleep would finally comes like that.

Even if images of a naked Seunghyun still dance before his eyes, he closes them once again to allow sleep to come to him.



He does not hear when the shower stops and when Seunghyun leaves the bathroom. But then he feels Seunghyun’s hand on his waist and he’s being pulled against Seunghyun’s chest. He feels Seunghyun’s breath on his neck. He opens his eyes and stops breathing, trying to calm his heartbeats rhythm.

“I missed you today! I missed your warmness; your eyes; your touch; the taste of your lips... But soon we will make our comeback. That means that we will be 24 hours a day together. So no more separation for schedule or other recordings. I can’t live without you, you know it right?”

Daesung would love to answer but it’s as if he has a lump in his throat. It’s because he knows that he’s really important to Seunghyun; but hearing the other say it in this way, he just feels like crying. He slowly realises that may be the spot he has in Seunghyun’s life is as big as the one Seunghyun’s has in his own.

He feels that this story between the two of them can only last forever; because the love and respect they have for each other will allow them to fight for their love. They will fight against all the obstacles Destiny will put on their way. They will never give up and let Destiny and life decide for them. They will live out the scripts of their life...

First try at Kiseung...

This is for my best friend Allison or aelikwang .
She loooooves KISEUNG (as much as Kiwoon ;) )
Kiseung id my favorite OTP in beast together with JUNSEUNG (a little above :) <3 )
Hope you like it.

Fandom : B2ST / Beast
Pairing : KISEUNG(Kikwang/ Hyunseung)
Rating : G
Genre : Romance
Words : 1345 words.
Beta-ed by my BFF in real life and on Internet aelikwang 
Summary : Hyunseung was alone in the dance studio, or so he thought.

Hyunseung was alone in the studio, or so he thought...Collapse )

Thank you for reading and sorry for any mistake.
Comment and feedbacks are appreciated.

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